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Relocation Management Services in Luxembourg

Relocation services in Luxembourg are not hard to obtain, with a good number of foreigners moving to the country each year. At least 43% of the total population is now composed of expats. For anyone looking for relocation companies, this means more choices and more chances of finding the best people for the job.

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Shipping and Removals in Luxembourg

Overseas shipping rules and regulations may change from time to time. Hence, it is best to hire experts in removals to Luxembourg for a smooth, hassle-free import.
  • Pet Import Regulations in Luxembourg

    Wednesday, 24 October 2012 There are requirements that have to be met for relocating pets to Luxembourg. Topping this list is microchip identification which is the only form of identification accepted. Each animal has to arrive with this chip with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785 or, when this is not available, a scanner must be sent along the animal.
  • Visa in Luxembourg

    Monday, 31 December 2012 A passport valid for 90 days before arriving in Luxembourg is required, with at least two blank for stamps upon arrival in or departure from the country.
Why Choose Bupa
Why Choose Bupa

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US Expat Tax Filing
US Expat Tax Filing

US expats are expected to continue filing taxes in the US even while living abroad. Get expert help to prepare your tax today.

Prestige Overseas Health Care!
Prestige Overseas Health Care!

Learn more about AXA PPP’s multiple levels of international health coverage and get quality and versatile plans!

Compare Offshore Savings Plans
Compare Offshore Savings Plans

Learn about the benefits of an offshore savings account and determine which company will be best for your needs.

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Relocation services comprise a variety of services, but the main idea of all is to make relocation and relocating to a new country easier for the expat. There is usually stress involved with the relocate process, and relocation agencies and relocation company take the stress out and make commercial relocation and expatriate relocation both smooth sailing. ExpatFinder can help you locate the best relocation service provides who can offer relocation help on global relocation anywhere in the world. Before you relocate it would be wise to check with a relocation company to see if they offer services to make your life easier.

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