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Moving to Mexico

For all expats relocating to Mexico could prove to be a challenging experience. The moving section connects you together with key resources from international removals to auto transport to pet shipping, mail forwarding and relocation providers to help you get to Mexico and in your installation.

Moving to Mexico involves a number of legal requirements. The Mexican government offers two types of visa - immigrant visa and non immigrant visa. The immigrant visa is required for five years before getting permanent residency status, which confers all the benefits of Mexican citizenship apart from the right to vote. Permanent residents are also entitled to apply for Mexican citizenship. A work permit must be included with the visa status in order to be able to work while in Mexico.

The non immigrant visa is either short term, which can be as long as needed up to 6 months, or long term, which can be extended a year at a time up to five years. The short term visa is easy to get for tourists and the form can even be obtained on the airplane to Mexico. Those wanting a longer term visa will need proof of income or sufficient funds, and can only do specific work if it is authorized, such as journalism.

Additional permission is required to work in a different sector on this visa. The immigrant visa can also be extended a year at a time but indefinitely. It is mainly given to retirees, investors, professionals, athletes, and close family members.

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